DIR Prediction

I think that Milkman will eventually go to the cave his father and father’s sister, Pilate, hid in to try to find some money that he thought was there. But I think when he gets there he will find nothing and go on with his original plan and leave.



There is a lot of racism in the world right now so the book Song of Solomon is connecting to the same racism as in the world right now.


“If they are as bad, as unnatural, as you say, why do you want to be like them? Don’t you want to be better than they are?”

This quote stood out to me because it shows Toni Morrison’s opinion on human nature and on how bad people are. This quote is in the middle of a conversation between Milkman and Guitar regarding Guitar getting back at white people by killing them. Milkman is trying to show Guitar that he shouldn’t stoop down to their level. This particular part of this book conveys an idea of reverse racism, which is prevalent throughout this novel.

Soundtrack 2

A song that would go to the book Song of Solomon is No Heart by 21 Savage because it talks about how 21 Savage grew up and the part of the book I am in is focusing on the growing up of Milkman which includes drugs, sex, and alcohol: all themes that are in included in the song No Heart.


I think in this part of the book, soon Henry Porter is going to commit suicide. This will happen because Macon Dead II is coming to collect rent from him even though Macon knew that Porter has had suicidal thoughts and this may be the last straw for Porter, one of Macon’s tenants.


I just started reading the book Song of Solomon. Based on what I know about this book it is a historical fiction book about a slave who escapes slavery. I think that a song that would describe Song of Solomon is “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley which talks about freeing yourself from mental slavery.